Our Mission

Time 4 Children is committed to offering the following services:

Children find it very hard to express or put into words their thoughts and feelings about the many grown up problems that can weigh heavily on their young shoulders. Our lasting passion and commitment to supporting children who are trying to cope in times of crisis means we are able to make real long term differences to children in need.

Play is a child’s natural language and with our support children are enabled to explore their worries and anxieties as well as their abilities in a safe and comfortable envirnoment. We don’t judge children or their families. We do not analyse or interpret.

Reflective Listening and Non-Directive Play is a gentle and non-threatening, non-diagnostic, safe way of enabling children to express and communicate their feelings through play and by being listened to by a practitioner, with both ears and eyes.

Our help and support is given to children within their school environment and anyone can refer a child to us, whether it’s a parent or carer, school nurse, headteacher, SENCO (special educational needs co-ordinator), health visitor or social worker.

Time 4 Children was established in 2005, after its founder piloted a school project through 2003 to 2004 in Mid Sussex, whilst working with The Children Hours Trust. It became very clear there was little support for the many local children in need of having someone safe to listen to them. The project was hugely successful and as it reached its final days, the time had come to form a charity in its own right. Time 4 Children was born, and received charitable status in October 2005.

As Time 4 Children has grown we now support children in schools all over Mid Sussex.

At Time 4 Children we are proud of what we achieve and are grateful to all who support our work, from Trusts and Charitable Foundations to individual supporters' generosity and time.

We would also like to thank all the wonderful people who raise funds in aid of Time 4 Children – most recently:

Vicky Chalmers manages the day-to-day running of Time 4 Children as well as being the Lead Practitioner. She also runs our Volunteer Training Courses and facilitates our workshops for parents and carers.

Vicky trained as a Practitioner of Non-Directive Play Techniques and Creative Listening with The Children’s Hour Trust in 2002. Further training led her to become a Children’s Hour Trust Accredited Trainer, before setting up Time 4 Children as a charity in 2005.

Before focusing her life around Time 4 Children, Vicky was a volunteer and trustee for Home-Start Mid Sussex. She facilitated Home-Start’s weekly Parent and Child Drop In, as well as being the co-ordinator for a Multi-Cultural Family Group. Vicky also trained with The Parenting Centre, in order to facilitate parenting classes. Vicky has a background in Social Science, studied through the Open University.

Children's Comments

“It makes me happy, and gets all troubles away.”

“It’s good there’s someone I can talk to. I don’t get into so much trouble now.”

“It helps me feel better and calm.”

“I’ve learned to talk to people when I get upset or if I have something on my mind.”

“I get space from all what’s going on. It’s fantastic, excellent and cool”.

Comments from Parents & Carers

“Time 4 Children supported my niece through some very tough times. Without Time 4 Children’s support, patience and hard work I don’t know what would have happened to her. My niece, in her sessions felt listened to and safe.”

"Time 4 Children has really helped my son. Being able to share his thoughts and feelings with someone outside of his family has been so beneficial."

"I feel without the time, effort and commitment from Time 4 Children, my son would not have the tools in place to see him through his journey in life."

“Without Time 4 Children, my child would not be as stable or confident as she is now.”